Chimney Sweep Stoves

The Chimney Sweep Villager Solo/Duo Stove

The Villager Solo/Duo stove is a 5kw output multi fuel Villager model. The Solo model has 1 plain door & the Dou model has got 2 doors. It is a plain flaty top stove suitable for a small setting there is an optional low or high canopy model available too. Villager Solo/Duo

Technical Key

* CE Tested and approved at 5kw output with max of 5kW
* Exceptionally hot airwash
* Multi-fuel grate for burning wood and solid fuel
* Dust free, safe and easy riddling
* Easy access for chimney sweeping
Style Traditional
Type Free Standing
Fuel Type Wood / Multi-Fuel
Power Output 5 kW
Flue Outlet Size 125 mm Villager-Solo-Duo
The Guild of Master Sweeps Install Villager Solo/Duo Stove With Flue Liners In West Sussex/Surrey/Kent and London.

The Guild of Master Sweeps Will Come Along Sweep The Chimney And Measure Up For Your New Villager Solo/Duo Stove.