OCR forms processing software – what is it and how do we integrate it into the business

Working with documents can be time-consuming, but the perfect accuracy is not guaranteed. At the same time, solutions such as ocr forms processing software are a way to keep proper accounting, improving the reputation of the company and increasing the correctness in extracting the data from the documents. For this reason, many companies rely on this type of software, with which the sorting and processing of documents is greatly facilitated, and labor costs are reduced.

How to manage a large volume of documents with high accuracy and in a short time?

This is a question that concerns every accountant and employee who deals with basic or more in-depth processing of documents and forms of various kinds. How to extract the data we need in the best possible way and why software solutions like those of Smart Soft are something that is becoming more and more mandatory for the modern company? Here are the answers:

  • the flow of information today is very dynamic. Those working in the accounting fields are well-aware of paperwork, which can often be extremely exhausting and complex as well. For that reason, company managers should consider integrating special software to help more efficiently and accurately systematize, sort, and extract data from documents and forms;
  • if you want to streamline and optimize the process of working with forms, extracting text and filling in boxes and lines on a form, then Smart Soft software is the best way to achieve it. OCR for processing forms with a fixed structure is an intelligent solution that will make data capture many times easier and with greater accuracy;
  • these days, when modern technology is the subject of an upswing, having software solutions like ODR are an integral part of any business. That is why the interest in such intelligent developments grows more and more over time – they not only facilitate the process of working with documents, but also benefit the company’s image.

Smart Soft also offers many other intelligent solutions such as invoice scanning, document classification, working with PDF forms and other useful tools that will make accounting work many times more pleasant and easy for employees.

What types of forms there are and how Smart Soft’s automated processing software handles them?

It is also important to mention the types of fixed forms that differ in their structure. They are something standard for industrial sectors where a large volume of documents is handled. At first glance they have the same composition of data and seem even banal for automatic processing. However, this is not the case at all, as it matters whether they are structured, semi-structured or unstructured. These can be insurance documents, forms used for job applications, customer surveys, etc.

The grouping of forms with a specific structure includes three types of documents of this type: structured, semi-structured and unstructured. The first kind are a completely fixed format, which is characteristic of tax forms, tests with a standard structure, insurance claims etc. what’s more special about this is that every document with such a structure looks the same, which includes boxes and fields to fill in, space for signature and comments, and other details that are suitable for OCR software.

In semi-structured and unstructured documents we do not find similar uniformity in form configuration. Examples can be given with bills of lading, invoices, reports, contracts, letters and other documents, where the location of the information and the format may vary. In this line of thought, OCR software has the important task of implementing a flexible approach to make the processing of each of these documents successful.

What this kind of digital processing involves?

After the software recognizes the type of form, it is time to process it. There are different types of functionalities that make working with documents as efficient as possible, regardless of which industrial field it is about. The main steps are acceptance of documents, validation, integration of available data, addition of customized functions (optional), inclusion of data protection.

Are pdf and scanned documents manageable?

Both types of documents can be processed by OCR software. The ability to manage them makes this intelligent solution even more necessary for modern business, because it achieves a lot. No matter if the documents are scanned or entered as pdf format, the software applies the appropriate technology to extract and process the important information.

The configuration process can also be streamlined by simply uploading the document to the software and setting the relevant regions. Then follows automatic recognition of forms of this kind, and in addition the software improves by remembering the new settings.


The conclusion of today’s article will focus on how useful software solutions like OCR could be. They also integrate perfectly with existing programs, making them a “must-have” for any modern company. With their help, the processing of each document, regardless of its structure and complexity of writing, will be as easy as child’s play, and along with this, labor costs will be reduced and the company’s reputation will be improved.