Call the professionals when the time for bathroom cleaning comes

The never- ending housework can be very frustrating and at times even the most experienced housekeepers and normal people just don’t feel like getting their hands dirty when they see it’s time to clean again. Some of the rooms in our house or apartment need cleaning almost every day and some of them just periodically with the second requiring a lot of elbow grease and time spend scrubbing appliances and flooring. Of course, everybody knows how important it is to have perfect hygiene at home especially if you have children in your household that you want to keep away from toxic bacteria.

Why bathroom is so hard to clean

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One of the places that gathers a lot of dirt and bacteria is no other than the bathroom and toilet areas. If you have decided to do a thorough cleaning most probably one day would not be enough for you to get to every room in your house spotless. This is why the best choice would be to get in some professional help. Visit

Cleaning our bathroom is something that doesn’t happen often and so we tend to ignore it for longer than we should. This is a place of the house where a lot of humidity is channeled and without proper ventilation and upkeep mold starts setting in on the ceiling, sanitary furniture and maybe even the tiles and everybody knows how dangerous this can be.

When we get ready in the morning, we always visit this room in particular for our needs, showering and brushing our teeth. When we take a shower dirt and dead skin falls off and can also build up on your shower cabin or bathtub. Our sink and toilet also get spills and bacteria after using them for long. Naturally our bathroom should be the cleanest and most sterile room in our house and at the same time it can get the most nasty and dirty.

Is the professional company the best solution

VIP Toilet Cleaner during process of cleaning in London
professional bathroom cleaning

Hiring a professional company will surely save you a lot of time and effort. Trying to get it right but maybe not having the right chemicals and techniques would pull you back from getting the highest level of hygiene. When somebody does this for a living, they are much more dedicated and can spend a lot of time on the details and cleaning it to perfection. Of course, that also depends on which company you decide to hire. VIP Cleaning London is one of the most recommended, experienced and reasonably priced cleaning companies with numerous services for every one of your needs. Their bathroom cleaning service for example includes:

  • Cleaning and disinfecting of the sink, vanity and mirror as well as the mixing battery and the drain (removal of limestone if there is such);
  • Antibacterial cleaning of the shower (showerhead, cabin, walls around it, mixing battery and drain) and/or the bathtub;
  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting the toilet area;
  • Scrubbing walls and floorings with the proper chemical depending on the type (tiles, travertine, etc.);
  • Removing limestone or mold if necessary;
  • Cleaning details like windows, light fixtures, power outlets, medical cabinets and door knobs.

If you are not convinced yet you should know that all these services can be performed in a convenient time for you, whether you are present in the house or not, which means that while the team of experts is making your bathroom shine you can be doing what you love or getting some work done.

They will also make sure that you are 100% satisfied with their service and will make corrections and additions if possible. No inhaling of chemicals, scrubbing for hours and spending your precious time doing tedious cleaning. call VIP Cleaning London to learn their terms and prices and book your next appointment for a shiny, brand new bathroom.