Bed bug control – is it possible, how to achieve it

The presence of pests at home can be a huge problem for people who do not want to compromise on their comfort. Often, however, we have to deal with things we do not like, such fighting pests that have found a home in… our home. For example, heat treatment pest control is a procedure that is very often preferred due to the frequent contamination of the property with uninvited guests like bedbugs who can find a way to our home through luggage, furniture, clothes, etc. If their removal does not occur as soon as possible, they can multiply and their number can increase significantly.

What we need to know about bedbugs

убиване на дървеници с топлина, термична обработка за отстраняване на дървеници
bed bug treatment

Heat treatment pest control gives super results in species like bedbugs for which it is good to learn more, so that their removal is 100% successful. Here are some interesting facts about these insects that it is advisable to be aware of:

  • When they hatch, their color is very bright, translucent, which makes their detection quite difficult. Their size reaches 7 mm, and the adult individual is brown, which is easily visible;
  • They reproduce very quickly because the female lays about 10 eggs a day;
  • Most people get an allergic reaction to bedbug bites, but there are many who don’t even realize they’ve been in contact with the pests;
  • Bed bugs are most common in cities, and their usual “home” is the mattress, but they can also be found in cabinets and some personal belongings;
  • Bedbugs can be treated in two ways – with hot air and with a special preparation. In both cases there is reason to expect good results;
  • Once the area has been treated, a re-inspection is performed to confirm the results – a very important step in the treatment of bed bugs that are persistent and often recur;
  • Among the most common symptoms that we are dealing with annoying bedbugs are traces of feces, stains on the mattress, bites on the body, etc.

Even with the slightest suspicion of bed bugs at home, urgent measures need to be taken to remove them in a timely manner. This will save us a lot of unpleasant situations over time, because the more they happen, the harder it is to solve them. Let’s not forget about their harm to human health – many of us are prone to allergies, but even if they are not, bed bugs are again not the best company to find in everyday life as well.

How to remove them from our home

Животните, Дървеница, Заразяване, Насекоми, Паразит

When there are bed bugs at home, the most logical solution is to remove them as soon as possible so that the infection does not spread and becomes difficult to control over time. Heat treatment and applying the spray to the infected areas are the two methods of treatment that are most often used by specialists and that lead to excellent results in 99% of cases.

Thermal destruction of bedbugs is extremely effective, firstly because it is a non-toxic method, and secondly because it works flawlessly with this type of insect, which often remains resistant to many types of chemicals. As for the spray treatment – from a financial point of view it is more profitable, but at the same time not as effective as it should be. Low toxicity is among the biggest advantages of both methods which are mandatory in the fight against bedbug insects.

Which company to hire

Bed Bug Specialist is that place where we will find a suitable solution about the problem with pests which is very common and many of people are not able to deal with it single-handed. The company is reliable and proven in the field which means that it is worth trusting in many respects – service, performance, prices, etc. Remove bedbugs forever and enjoy life without the presence of unwanted “guests”!