Daily home cleaning – do we have to do it ourselves

Keeping up the cleanliness of our home is a never- ending task that all of us deal with every day. If you live alone the work probably isn’t that much but in bigger households with children and pets you probably need to clean every single day. Sometimes the difficulties of keeping up the hygiene are underestimated and a lot of people that are not in charge of cleaning think that this is easy, quick and not tiring at all.

However, anyone that has had to tidy up their living space even once knows that this is a complete lie. Because this isn’t up to everyone’s abilities and patience, there are many professional companies that have learned the craft of cleaning to perfection.

Why hire professional cleaners

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professional cleaners

If you have ever tried to do a thorough cleaning of your bathroom for example and wanted to give up halfway because of the amount of scrubbing that never ends, the fumes from the toxic chemicals that are blocking your nose and the stains that are not coming out in spite of all your efforts, well that is more than understandable.

This is why individuals train for months and years to be able to do these services for you. Being a professional cleaner is an entire profession and you are not to blame for not coping with this job. That’s why VIP Cleaning London is more than happy to send you their team of experienced helpers to relieve you from the stress and hassle of keeping your home as neat and tidy as never before.

Cleaning services


Whether you need a single room cleaned of the entire house/apartment, your patio and backyard area or your business it makes no difference to VIP Cleaning London– they do it all. There is almost no request you can make that they can’t complete with a previous check of the spot from the team to determine the amount of work that needs to be done and how long it would take. Kitchen appliances, staircases, dusting of furniture, cleaning of floors, bathroom and toilet sanitization- you name it, they will do it. Part of the services you can book are:

  • Kitchen cleaning services – all appliances, countertops, cabinets, dining sets and details (lights, outlets, windows, etc.);
  • Living and sleeping area cleaning – dusting and polishing all furniture, vacuuming carpets, soft furniture and floors, details;
  • Bathroom and toilet cleaning – sanitizing, disinfecting toilets, showers, bathtubs and sinks;
  • Common areas and staircases – stairs, railings, curtains, wardrobes and shoe storage;
  • Patio and backyard cleaning – cleaning furniture with the right chemicals, decks, railings, terrace and balcony cleaning, steam cleaning the ground;
  • Public establishments – bars, restaurants, pubs;
  • Upholstery cleaning – this goes for soft furniture (chairs, sofas, armchairs), carpets, curtains and also car upholstery;
  • After party and after construction cleaning – for an extra dirty environment.

Of course, in order for you to trust a particular cleaning company and to make sure they don’t waste your time or money there is a number of factors to look for. You need an experienced team of professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

What Vip Cleaning London may offer us

cleaning chemicals

VIP Cleaning London has been in the business for years and know how to give you quality without compromise and will send you only trained cleaners who will make sure to meet all your requirements. A good cleaning company should have:

  • Quality of the service – attention to detail, satisfying the customer’s needs and the right attitude;
  • Good equipment – using eco-friendly, non-toxic chemicals, high quality cleaning tools and knowing what detergent to use in any situation;
  • Fair prices – bundle discounts when you combine services, subscription offers;
  • Hassle free booking – a firmly set process of assessing the situation, giving you a convenient time for you whether you are present at the time of cleaning or not and giving you all the answers about the service you need.

Trusting VIP Cleaning London to help you with your cleaning responsibilities would be the smartest choice for you and your household. Call them in for a one time or a regular visit and get advice on how often you might need them in the future and forget about the negative feelings that come when you think about cleaning your home.